Iridescent Organizing supports your company to achieve operational resilience in continually changing environments.

About us 

Project Management

Wide-ranging experience in managing international projects and programmes in industry, semi-public and public institutions and in education.


Training and workshops delivered in English or Dutch. 
For industry and institutions – operational level and management modules:
– Operational Reliability in Practice
– Equipping for Operational Resilience
For education – from HBO/university level:
– New Organizational Concepts for Complex Organizing,
– Operational Resilience – includes the “Resilience Game”


Need some help? Accelerate your capability in the following domains:
Operational reliability: improve your client delivery performance by identifying and optimizing the interfaces between value-adding activity, teams and assets.
Operational resilience: equip your organization and your team for dealing with unexpected events in the operation.
Supply chain integrity: create value with chain partners by focusing on supply chain integrity.
Leading change: secure sustainable change through co-creation, engagement, and clear and realistic goals.

Who we’ve worked with

A number of clients we have worked with before.